Noel Murray

Noel ò Mhuirí

Audio / Video

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Noel is a Audio/Visual creator based in London UK.  He has worked on soundtracks and sound design on a number of projects, including an award winning piece on the decline of bees at the Creative Conscience awards and  "Friday Night Shorts" an audio/visual project created to showcase his Soundtrack work.

As a composer Noel likes to, in his own words "make the organic sound inorganic and the inorganic sound organic" While interested in creating moods and using melody effectively to add emotional dimension to your scenes, he believes that silence is just as important and that the absence of music can be just as powerful as the loudest orchestra.




As a video maker, Noel has created an ongoing video project “Friday Night Shorts” and has made videos for London based bands and artists, his experience of being in a band gives him an understanding of the visual language required for bands in a way that doesn’t interfere with their performance.

Noel also has a HNC in Audio Production. He has also recorded with Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Bullet for my Valentine) Jasper Stainthorpe and Scott Taylor (ex Then Jerico) as well as recording and mixing his own soundtracks.

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All pieces Written, Performed, Programmed, Recorded and mixed By Noel Ò Mhuirí.


Music written & Performed by Noel Ò Mhuirí

Sound design and mix by Noel Ò Mhuirí

Music written & Performed by Noel Ò Mhuirí


Directed, filmed and edited by Noel Ò Mhuirí


Audio Engineer

Production, Drum Programming, Recording and Mixing By Noel Ò Mhuirí

Performed, Produced and Mixed by Ò Mhuirí 

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